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Pinterest Kitchen – Favorite Pins – April 2016

pinterest kitchen white cabinets industrial hardwood floors design

My current kitchen is fairly lame in my opinion. I’ve made some changes over the 17 years we’ve lived in this house. We originally had builder’s grade oak cabinets (blech) and vinyl floors that were horrifying. Oh and a parquet entryway. DOUBLE BLECH.

I have painted the cabinets a couple of times. The first time was an off-white color with lightly distressed, sanded edges. Then repainted them bright white. Then I added some industrial handles. We also added dark, cherry hardwood floors back in 2005 and put in high-end stainless steel appliances.

Now over ten years later, the floors need to be refinished, the cabinets need repainting and the appliances aren’t quite as new and shiny as they once were. And the sealer we used on the butcherblock countertops (installed 3-4 years ago) is not holding up.

It’s just sort of a mess. Like it’s kind of nice but not really. You can see the age poking through. In my opinion the whole thing needs to be gutted and we need to start over. But we’re not really in a position to do that right now. And maybe that’s a good thing. Let me explain. I tend to jump in to things without fully thinking them through. I’m a doer. Planning isn’t so much my thing. I like to jump in. So the financial reality of re-doing a whole kitchen is allowing me to really fully think about what I want and how it will all work together.

Pinterest helps me visualize, come up with ideas and figure out what I definitely don’t want. Here are some of my favorite recent Pinterest Kitchen Pins. These are my almost ideal kitchens.

What I Love:

  • Large sinks – I have one of these and I could not live without it. You can put a whole Thanksgiving Dinner’s worth of dishes in there and not see them. It’s amazing.
  • Light and bright. Windows. We have one sort of bay window in our kitchen that faces the front of our house. Who puts a kitchen on the front of a house? Seriously. And we face north so we don’t get much direct light coming through there.
  • Painted cabinets. I like the idea of the gray kitchen cabinets but I think I lean toward white. And guess what, they’re all that shaker style.
  • Industrial elements: Light fixtures, cabinet hardware, stools, appliances. I’m a huge fan.
  • Interesting lighting details. I think that recessed lighting is probably necessary but I also want some fun light fixtures over a bar area or island. Sadly I don’t think a kitchen island would fit in our space at all.
  • Dark hardwood floors – got ’em. Ours are cherry and stained a pretty dark, shiny reddish brown. When we refinish them, I’d like to stick to the natural cherry color of the wood and keep the finish a bit more natural or matte. The combination of really dark and shiny shows every single piece of dirt, dog hair and dust.
  • Rugs in the kitchen. Love it. I have a small area rug in the middle of my kitchen and it really makes it feel homey.
  • Stainless, industrial appliances. I’ll never go back to a “normal” oven/stove. Love my gas burners and convection oven (Jenn-Air).
  • Simple backsplash. Love subway tiles. I have subway tiles now in my kitchen, but then I ruined it by putting some other tiles along as an accent. I liked that for about a year. Now I’m over it.
  • Simple black and white color palette with minimal things on the counter and maybe some plants to liven up the place.

Some of these ideas I’ve attempted to do piece meal but it doesn’t all fit together quite right. The next go around with the kitchen will be the real deal.

What does your dream kitchen look like?

(All photos in this post from Pinterest.)

gray cabinets kitchen open glass doors farmhouse sink

I like the idea of glass inserts in cabinet doors but I don’t know that I can pull this off. My cabinets are never that sparse or organized. I do love that the cabinets go all the way up to the ceiling. That would be awesome. Again, I like the gray painted cabinets but not sure I would pull the trigger on those. Seems like white is more classic.

kitchen ideas remodel renovation industrial

I love the finish of the hardwood floors in this kitchen. I think that if we refinished our floors we could achieve a finish like this. The windows here are amazing. I wish we didn’t have the bay window in our kitchen. And a rug in the kitchen? Right up my alley.

gray white cabinets backsplash stools industrial

Maybe this is the good compromise of the gray and white cabinets. Have the actual cabinets white but paint an island gray. I also like the idea of what they have done behind the stove with some interesting tile. I have something sort of like that but not as cute. I also love the built in cubbies on the kitchen island.

large bright kitchen windows white cabinets

What would I give to have a giant faulted ceiling in my kitchen like this? Our house actually would allow for us to vault the ceiling in the kitchen – there’s nothing above it. I don’t know if I could get Sean to allow that one.

kitchen remodel white cabinets subway tile hardwood floor

What a great light fixture! I don’t think I could get by without any upper cabinets like this kitchen has. But I love the lattice subway tiles. It’s a neat play on them.

kitchen drawers dishes design black cabinets

Drawers! Drawers! Drawers! Yes. Yes. Yes. For pots and pans or even dishes. Would be awesome. We have this completely useless cabinet that goes deep into a corner and you can’t see or reach anything in there.

kitchen industrial details white metal chairs

These light fixtures are great. I also really love the chalkboard square.

white cabinets kitchen dark hardwood floors

Neat, clean, white, simple, dark floors. If you swapped out those marble countertops for dark butcher block or black, This would be ideal. Also the cabinets up to the ceiling, different light fixture and heavier cabinet hardware. So just a few things I would need to change.

kitchen white cabinets subway tile backsplash industrial

All in all a really neat space. Love the gray door. I don’t think I would use a dark grout color like that for my tile though. I can see myself getting tired of that RIGHT AWAY.

white cabinets light bright kitchen stainless steel appliances

Small kitchen. But I like the gray walls and white cabinets. And I sort of love the banquette seat. I’ve thought about that for a long time and can’t figure out how I would put one in our house.

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