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Welcome to Roots to the Sea :: Lifestyle Blog

Cheryl Ford, Creator and Author of Roots to the Sea, Lifestyle Blog and Seattle Wedding Photographer.


You’ve made your way to the Roots to the Sea Lifestyle Blog.

I’m Cheryl Ford. You can read more about me in my About Me section but I’ll share a few salient details.

  • I live in the Seattle area, born and raised. Never left. Never will.
  • I’m a Seattle Wedding Photographer but I will travel anywhere for weddings. Maui anyone?
  • My favorite place on earth is Maui.
  • I’m married to a dude named Sean (he’s pretty cool) and I have two boys. Maybe I can’t even call them boys anymore. They’re in high school, one is about to graduate and go off to college.
  • My best friends are my two dogs, Baxter and Annie. I like Annie the best (let’s just be real).

Why a Lifestyle Blog?

With a million lifestyle blogs out there, why start one? The simple answer is that I want to share things. I have a blog for my photography business, but I want to keep that content pointed to my business. But there is so much more about me that I enjoy . . . cooking and baking, trying to keep my house in order, creating+learning graphic design, photography, traveling (I like road trips). I have so many ideas to share (specifically a 5 page typed, single-spaced list of blog posts – to start with). And I enjoy blogging. It’s tough, but it’s fun.

Why Should You Read this Blog?

As a small business owner in the wedding photography industry, there is one thing that sets you apart from other photographers. One thing that no one else can be . . . you. I’m me. My perspective is unique. Anticipate a variety of types of posts in the following categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Around the House
  • In the Kitchen
  • Me: Sugar-Free – yes I am a sugar-free person. I’m not preachy about it. But I want to share my experience and maybe work on recipes to share.
  • Photography
  • Printables
  • Travel

That list may change, increase, decrease. It’s my prerogative. That’s what’s so great about having your own blog.

To start off with, I’ll be posting once a week until I get into the rhythm of maintaining two blogs. Then increase to 2-3 times a week. But for now, expect 1 post a week on Wednesdays.

I’d love to hear from you, what you’d like to hear about, learn about, see, discover.

You can also find me:

Instagram: @rootstothesea
Twitter: @rootstothesea1
Pinterest: rootstothesea1
Snapchat: rootstothesea



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